Selling Made Easy

Online Masterclass

30th, 31st July & 1st August

6-7:00pm IST

When you hear ‘sales person’ – what comes to mind?

Do you have a positive or negative view on selling? Or a mix of the two?

If you’re a sales professional and you’d love to up the game in meeting or even exceeding your sales targets or if you’re an entrepreneur and your revenues depend on your selling skills…


You’ve got to fall in love with selling!


I know, sounds ridiculous but I once heard something very wise from a sales coach – if your business activities are not 60% sales, your business is dying.


I didn’t like selling at all when I started my business. Coming from a finance background and lack of confidence, I was petrified to reach out to prospects and present them with my services. Now selling is like having breakfast for me. If I don’t do it daily I feel off!



Becoming very proficient at selling allowed me to do 2 things:

  • Replace my corporate income with business income in 6 months working evenings and weekends
  • Turn my annual income into monthly doing what I love to do, guiding individuals to fulfil their personal and professional goals, especially in income and business

I’ve learned several important truths in the process:

  • Selling is something you do FOR a person, not TO a person
  • You get interested in your prospect and do your best to help them with the service or product you’ve got
  • Becoming an excellent sales person is 95% mindset and only 5% strategy you use


Are you interested in becoming top salesperson in your field?


Are you committed to increasing your business revenues like never before?


Then join me for a special 3 day live masterclass on 30th, 31st, July and 1st August at 6pm-7pm IST where I’ll share with you lots of powerful tools that helped me become very good at what I do!


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